An Elevated Mindset

In Development!

An Elevated Mindset is a workshop curriculum designed to help teen dancers build resilience skills, relationship skills, self-confidence, and self-determination. AEM offers dance studios supportive, evidence-based knowledge and activities for students, teachers, and parents. Each workshop comes with a facilitator’s guide, branded slide deck, and resource packet for participants.

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The Origins of AEM

Dance is an incredible world to live and learn in: its benefits are plentiful, from the obvious (coordination, grace, musicality) to the subtle (teamwork, creativity, discipline). But with an aspirational aesthetic, dance often attracts perfectionists, and perfectionism—especially in adolescence and young adulthood—is more harmful than helpful, framing up unachievable standards that erode a young person’s ability to be resilient, conquer challenges, and grow in confidence. When young people are hyper-focused on their perceived shortcomings and insecurities, they need support to lift themselves up into a new mindset.

Of course, perfectionism isn’t the only roadblock dancers can face: adolescence is already a time of change, with teens shaping their identities, transitioning in and out of friendships, understanding emotional regulation, and making decisions about their future. In short, there is a lot going on in the adolescent mind!

This is where An Elevated Mindset comes in, to promote positive skill-building, goals, and outcomes in dance students, offering an effective way to challenge the mentality that there is only one path to success. In fact, that path is customizable—in composition and destination!

Evidence shows that as teens discover and appreciate their authentic selves, they can truly thrive. They recognize their strengths and favor progress over perfection. Mistakes and failures no longer define their worth. Relationships get healthier. Resilience strengthens. With guidance, teens become more effective at problem-solving, establishing and striving for goals, setting healthy boundaries, believing in themselves, and becoming the person they want to be.