Workshops for Dance Teachers

“The surest way out of the adolescent mental health crisis is to support the adults around teenagers to take better care of teenagers. In fact, the research tells us that the single most powerful force for adolescent mental health is strong relationships with caring adults. So, how do we make this happen? By making sure that everyone has an accurate understanding about what is true about adolescent development.” Dr. Lisa Damour, author of Under Pressure

I couldn’t agree more that one of the most important ways to help teens and young adults is to better understand their physical, emotional, and social development. When we know more about what’s normal and expected, we can meet them where they are and support them in their journey to adulthood.

Though the focus of my coaching business is on 1:1 support for young people, I also love working with studio owners, dance teachers, performing arts educators, and college professors so that they can enhance their understanding of adolescent growth and better support the students they serve. Tell me more about your workshop interests here!

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I am excited to offer virtual professional development opportunities designed for dance teachers who work with teens.

My workshop approach is intended to balance education and conversation: I present evidence-based, research-backed content about supporting adolescents and infuse my talks with anecdotes from my own experiences teaching and coaching teens. I encourage questions and discussion from attendees so that we can have a dynamic conversation about how to support dancers in the best way possible.

Choose from four virtual options (see below) for professional development workshops. Each workshop is designed to be 90 minutes: 60 minutes of education and 30 minutes of conversation and Q&A.

I would love to work with you and the teachers at your studio, performing arts school, or dance department. Interested in something more customized? Looking for an in-person experience?  Whatever you’re looking for, contact me and let’s talk!

The Adolescent Stage of Development

This workshop, The Adolescent Stage of Development, provides an overarching look at how the adolescent brain develops, what it means to help teens thrive, and how to apply that knowledge in a dance environment.

  • What’s going on in the teen brain?
  • How we can meet their needs in dance education
  • An introduction to the wellness continuum
  • Red flags for dysfunction
  • Helping teens move from functioning to thriving with:
    • Structural support
    • Social support
    • Skill-building
    • Self-care

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Self-Determined Motivation

This workshop, Self-Determined Motivation: How Teens Empower Themselves, provides an explanation of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, with an emphasis on self-determination. We also discuss different types of stress, and how “optimal stress” can support intrinsic motivation and successful outcomes.

  • What is motivation? 
  • Why intrinsic motivation is the key to successful outcomes
  • Helping students identify and seek “optimal stress”
  • Fostering the right type of motivation 
  • How to engage and enhance motivation, and apply that understanding to the dance environment

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Cultivating Learning and Growth

This workshop, Cultivating Learning and Growth: Supporting Teens’ Goals, provides education on how to help teens create achievable goals and support them in striving for the outcomes they desire. We also discuss intrinsic motivation as a key factor to success.

  • What is effective decision-making and how does it affect wants and needs?
  • Helping students set realistic goals
  • Supporting the goal-striving process
  • Why developing grit and self-control benefit goal pursuit
  • How to hold teens accountable to their goals while encouraging intrinsic motivation

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The Anti-Perfectionist Dancer

This workshop, Developing The Anti-Perfectionist Dancer, provides critical knowledge about the harm of perfectionism and how to counteract it with best practices in and out of the classroom. We also discuss how to model an “anti-perfectionist” way of being focused on excellence.

  • What is the problem with perfectionism in dance, and why does it get worse with teens?
  • Helping students see corrections as opportunities
  • How to support teens without encouraging perfectionism
  • Praising students in a way that supports growth and open-mindedness
  • Modeling striving for excellence instead of perfectionism

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Workshops listed above are $299 each, with 50% deposit due upon booking and the remaining 50% due upon completion. Custom workshop prices may differ.

Questions about these workshops? Interested in a custom topic or in-person experience? Connect with me here!